LMS LocalPlayer or UPnP/DLNA bridge to WiiM Mini?


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Mar 8, 2023
Lacomb Oregon
I'm getting a LMS system together for a friend. He has the Mini which I know doesn't have Squeezelite baked in. So, I'm asking in this thread because it seems to have a good representation of LMS gurus.

I intend to connect the PC server that holds all the media via optical audio out to the Mini Optical In. In this case would I think I need LocalPlayer on the server since it's a direct connection to the Mini.

If it was going to the Mini over the WiFi I'd need UPnP bridge, right?

I may convince him to buy a Pro just for the built in squeezelite :)

Just solved the problem. I forgot the Mini also has only Aux in, WiFi, and BT. So looks like UPnP/DLNA bridge it is.