Ability to display current output format from app


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Jan 17, 2023
I may be a bit of a nerd but I would like to know what is coming out of the SPDIF port. Is it FLAC, AAC? Bitrate? Signal bits and Hz, etc… my DAC doesn’t say hence it would be great if the WiiM could have that info. And also what it is receiving would be great.

Thanks for the consideration! WiiM is a great product for the price with potential to get even better. Until the industry settles on 1 way to stream music, no major player will come up with such device so I see a great future for such simple, working streamer.
In the Wiim app under devices, now plating. Right above the song title


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Airplay... low numbers!

As for what's coming out of the wiim, that would depend on the max resolution settings you chose.
That’s a great suggestion. The app should indicate each stream’s technical parameters.