Add ability to add a display


Major Contributor
Jan 19, 2023
I would like to be able to add a display of what's playing , maybe a Tablet or a small monitor, probably not going to happen for the Wiim mini that I use, ( unless it can be done wireless) but maybe on any new products:)
It dépends of what you stream but on an android tablet, bubbleupnp works perfectly for that (qobuz, tidal or local server).

Is that on the device you are playing from?
I meant on the device that is being played to, ie the WiiM.
Yes, just using bubbleupnp as a remote control to drive the wiim mini from the tablet. But it's the wiim mini that streams from qobuz or server and sent the music to my DAC.
Do you mean a display remote from the Wiim app you’re using? You could run a second Wiim app on another tablet and it would show what the first was playing too.