Airplay not working from iphone to WiiM pro


Jan 20, 2023
I have an iPhone SE 2020 I'm trying to play Apple Music to my WiiM Pro using AirPlay.

I start apple music
I select a song
I play the song
I select the WiiM pro as my output device
the first few notes play, then there is silence.

I have filed a report from inside the wiim home app, #8028 on January 29, but there have been no updates.

In the mean time I have tested:
- different AV receivers
- different speakers & speaker wires
- wifi vs ethernet
- line out vs spdif out
- ~2 new public firmwares were pushed out in that time frame
- ~3-5 wipes and resets of the WiiM pro
- pinged on the ticket

Nothing has lead to a resolution, nor any further contact from WiiM support

The product does work for NON airplay listening, tested with:
- sources: Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, TuneIn, vtuner, CD input, DLNA
- inputs: wifi, ethernet, bluetooth, line in
- output: line out, coax output, spdif out

What else can I try ?

Thank you.
Perhaps unclick/tick the 'Pro' device in Apple Music and wait for 10 secs or so and reclick/retick.

Let me know if it works.

I have had a similar problem both with an iMac (2015) and a brand-new M2 MacMini Pro.

May be a buffering issue.
After many hours of resetting routers, Wiim, and other network devices I think the issue is that my ISPs router bonds 5g with 2.4g.

I had to disable this AND go with 2.4g only since the router’s 5g is unreliable