Amazon Music App won’t show my 2nd Wiim Mini on available device list


New member
Dec 28, 2022
Hello all

I am subscribed to to the Amazon Music Unlimited and through the Amazon music app, I can see my original Wiim Mini and Echo devices on the device list. The problem is that it wont show my 2nd Wiim mini device.

My second device is shown on my AirPlay list and can be accessed through Wiim’s own app, but it just doesn’t show in the Amazon App.

Can someone help me sort this out please or tell me if it is indeed possible.

Thank you in advance
Sorry Mr Ee - missed your PM. Would definitely have replied had I seen it.

it just that it seems you need to authorise the Wiim with Alexa when setting up. I skipped the step and it caused the problem. Lesson learned.