Android A 51SM-A515U. App loaded, but says,


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Jan 12, 2023
App loaded, but says, "Your phone SM-A515U doesent enable WiFi Connection", "Please enable WiFi Connection then search again . I can not use the Mini. I want to power it up, use optical cable to my reciver, play Amazon UHD music. Have spent hours trying to link it to my cell phone. Tried to link to my PC Win 11 OS, laptop, but no connection, only the blog I am texting on now.
Is there an upgrade to the Android? is there an upgrage to the Mini? Is there an Android the Mini will not work on, like the A 51? This cell is a yr. old at oldest.. I do not want to buy a new cell phone to stream with. I will gladly use my PC, so either way, I need help please.
In developer option on your phone disable mobile data always on,to enter the developer option you must press 10 times on kernel version ,about phone,build number or android info or something like that and when developer options enable there disable mobile data always on,you can try this metod.