Blurry album artwork?


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Dec 13, 2022
Just set up a WiiM mini for the first time. I am seeing very blurry album artwork in the player. I am using Qobuz. It seems to be so for every track. I am using an iPad mini, but it is also blurry on an iPhone. I’ve already tried restarting everything. Is this normal?

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I have the same problem here with qobuz on an android tablet. It's a low definition picture on the Wiim mini app.
The album artwork is fine when I use the Qobuz app (butt unfortunately, this app can't stream to Wiim mini for now...)
Same problem here. Artwork looks great in my iTunes library, but lousy with the WiiM app. Even larger size artworks are bad. Logos of radio stations (e.g. Radio Swiss Jazz or Swiss Classic) are also blurred. Hoping for a bug fix in the near future (without that I can not proudly present the WiiM Amp to my friends).
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