Can't See Chromecast on Ethernet Connected WiiMs


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Nov 1, 2022
If I'm using a WiFi connected Windows Laptop it doesn't see the ethernet connected Chromecast Audios but does see a wired Nvidia Shield TV with Chromecast built in.
My iPhone by contrast attached to the same access point see's all the Chromecast Audios.

My set up is the main router with an ethernet cable to a switch another cable to a wired mesh access point .... my laptop connects to that via WiFi and one WiiM Pro also attaches to the same access point which my laptop can see the Chromecast on.

Off the mentioned switch is another ethernet cable to a 2nd switch and the other 2 WiiM's connect to that via ethernet ... these are the 2 my laptop can't see but my iPhone can.

I just went to check it on a wired PC where they all used to show up and it looks like with the latest Chrome update at the end of last week they've removed the cast tab altogether.

Main reason I want it is to cast Qobuz to Chromecast .... I do use RealPlayer sometimes and have just checked the cast options and they all show up in there.

If anybody can help would be appreciated.
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