Chromecast Audio distortion


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Jan 22, 2023
I just discovered something very interesting! So, I was having some audio distortion with this path: Android phone > YouTube Music > Chromecast > WiiM Pro > RCA Line Out > Bluetooth Speaker 3.5 mm.

I assumed it was the WiiM's DAC, since I heard prior to purchase that the DAC didn't sound that good. Also, if I connected directly to the BT speaker (BT or 3.5mm) I didn't have the distortion; and if I did Chromecast > WiiM > Bluetooth > Speaker, I didn't have the distortion;

BUT! I just found that if I use BT > WiiM > 3.5 mm instead of Chromecast > WiiM > 3.5 mm, I also don't have the distortion issue.

So, I think I might be wrong about the DAC; but I think this proves WiiM has a bug in DACing the Chromecast stream, right?

I'll try to describe the distortion. On one song that has a bouncy bass melody going, that melody gets flattened out a bit, and I feel like parts of it are lost altogether. It also sounds a bit muffled and staticy/hissy; and I suspect that has to do with some of the high pitched electronic, airy sounds in the song.

On another song, there's a part in the song where the girl's voice becomes more clear (normal); but in the distorted version, her voice becomes significantly louder. Almost like someone ticked the volume up a notch, or half a notch. And there's some parts of that song where some of the high-pitched tones become extra loud too. It's weird.

Those two songs I have been studying these issues, but other songs sound kinda messed up too. Like I'm listening through a janky cheap speaker, lol.