Creating on the fly Queue from mixed services

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Dec 30, 2023
I'm a Sonos user, since many years, now, due to some reasons, I'm considering change to WiiM. I have already Mini and planning, potentially, to add a few Pro+ and Amp to the whole multi room system at home. As playing with Mini give me the visibility how the environment works there is one functionality I really miss or maybe I can't find the way how to use it ?
In Sonos I really like the application functionality, and the feature I'm missing is, possibility to add any song, from any service to "play next". Especially I'm missing an option to add the song, to be played next, from my local library, while playing playlist from Tidal.
Is it doable ?
I think interaction between services is not there yet and this is the issue with general search... Again example from Sonos, I'm using Tidal, Spotify and local library on NAS, search gives me the results from all, grouped per service.
Any advise ?
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