Disable Fixed output and AUX out level settins for SPDIF output

As mentioned in this thread https://wiim.community.forum/threads/how-work-volume-control.511/#post-5960 you should leave pure Optic output with no way to influence it and apply inappropriate labels to it.
P.s. Everything related to volume is a serious matter that must be implemented guided by good practice, but if there is none, then you have to borrow.

For the purposes of achieving bit perfect digital output that many users wish, it is mandated by WiiM to have fixed volume set and EQ off. Removing the option to “influence” optical output removes one of WiiM’s main selling points, so your request will fail.

See https://faq-mini.wiimhome.com/support/solutions/articles/72000593467-setting-volume-controls : “If the volume is not maximum, it will break the bit-perfect playback because it will reduce some bits in the audio signal.”

And https://faq-mini.wiimhome.com/support/solutions/articles/72000594355-which-eq-setting-should-i-use- : “No EQ at all, put EQ into off if you want the bit-perfect output”

And again, for the umpteenth time, AUX Out level settings do NOT impact SPDIF digital output :rolleyes:
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