Home Music Share, loading all songs and randomly playing


New member
Dec 13, 2022
I'm a new user. The WiiM mini is an amazing device but I encounter an issue with randomly playing from a large music collection (around 9000 songs), stored on a DLNA server at home (using the minidlna server).

I'm trying to randomly play my songs. I go to "All Music" and click on a song and set the "random" option. Unfortunately, it seems to play songs only from an initial list. This initial list seems to be limited to a certain number of songs from my collection (always the same). It looks like it is necessary to swipe up to load a new batch of songs. With a large collection, one needs to do that many times... And this is not remembered i.e. if you go "back" in the app, and then go to "All Music" again, you only see the initial list.

Is it possible to use the WiiM app to play randomly a large collection of songs ? Without needing to load the whole collection "by hand". Maybe I'm missing something ?

Note that there is a workaround : I can use an app like Hi-Fi Cast to send the random songs to the WiiM mini but it is a pity not to be able to use the dedicated app (plus it seems to confuse the app that is always showing the same song playing).