How to stream Neil Young Archives to lounge?


New member
Dec 27, 2022
Hi all, just ordered my first WiiM. I want to stream Neil Young Archives audio from my office PC to the lounge. NYA uses Orastream, but it’s really unclear how to get the master stream (around 4-5MBPS) out of my PC, into the office WiiM and then to a second lounge WiiM. Do I need two WiiM’s? How can this work? Many thanks for advice/ideas.
Is the WiiM helpdesk even working? For the last month they haven't replied to my ticket that my WiiM Mini can't be seen as a UPNP speaker device, but is visible as 'other' source in Windows and other software.
Does it work with the Orastream Brio server? I have no experience with it, but it says it will stream to UPnP or Chromecast. The WiiM Mini supports UPnP, the Pro supports both, so you should be good to go once the Brio server is installed.

Hi ther eCC - yes, it works with Brio server. And it's visible in Windows but not as a speaker - just a 'device'. No idea how to get the Neil Young Orastream through it - ideas? Thanks