I tested Tidal and Apple and have been a long time Amazon Music HD user.


Nov 16, 2022
Round Rock TX
I tested Tidal and Apple and have been a long time Amazon Music HD user.

I found Amazon Music HD to be the most user friendly. Partly I will note because I am deeply familiar with Amazon. But also because I was deciding which would allow search and discovery of ATMOS/360 tracks. Amazon wins. Period.

I use WiiM differently than many. It's part of my whole house system. What I can confirm is this. Set up each device in Alexa. Group them as you like. Then when you want whole house it includes Echo Studio, Mini, WiiM all synchronized. But in that context streaming quality is less essential than where ever I walk I hear.

Attached is a few screenshots to show options.


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I just canceled my subscribtion today. Streaming from amazon music app isnt working in Poland. And the most annoying for me was the lack of possibility to add album to favorites. Also limited playlist section in wiim home app. deezer is great.
My Amazon subscription expired today too.
Similar issues with favourites, and a couple of others too.
Pity, as I really liked being able to see the album art and lyrics (when they got them right!) at the same time. Nothing else I've used does this.