Issues with four or more WiiMs


Nov 25, 2022
Does anyone have four or more WiiM devices in an MR setup? I had 3 minis working pretty solidly, and then I added a Pro as a 4th device. The Pro is wired, and the Minis have not moved locations. Since adding the Pro as a 4th device I have had hiccups and glitches that never happened before. Devices drop out of groups. Often the Pro cannot be found (even when it’s already playing music). The Pro is the ‘head’ of the linked group if you will, and this leads to times where I can’t stop a stream from say Amazon. Other times the entire group will show up, and I will press Pause in the app, and the music will continue to play for several minutes. This morning I resorted to unplugging the Pro to get the stream to stop.
I don’t know if there is a limit on the number of grouped devices, but adding the Pro has really degraded the entire group.
I currently have 3 mini's I have been very happy with as well.... I just ordered my pro and it should be here by this weekend so at the very least i will let you know once i have it set up.

That said, i have had great luck with submitting a support ticket through the wiim app as I believe it is closely monitored by the devs and it also includes a debugging data dump to help them see whats going on in your units.

Either way please let me know how this resolves for you and I will let you know how it goes for me once I add a Pro. Good luck