List of Roon-Exclusive Functions for WiiM Pro/Plus/App


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Sep 9, 2023
Has anyone seen a list of Functions which Roon coopts as "Roon-Exclusive" when playing Wii? Pro/Plus as Roon Endpoints??

I've noted a few:
  • Multi-Room Groups - must use Roon Groups not WiiM Multi-Room
  • Group Synchronization - Roon claims RAAT Implementation (but no further explanation) yet I had to Stop Roon, Remove from Group, and re-test WiiM Auto-Sync, then re-Group and Play - to clear a ~200ms delay between a Roon Group consisting of 2x WiiM Pro Plus
What else changes from WiiM-standard Implementation when used as Roon Endpoints??
Without being a Roon user, I would imagine that you forget any constructs that Roon endpoints might have in their ‘native’ environments and surrender them totally to Roon control as RAAT compatible endpoints in terms of grouping, synchronisation etc. After all, you should be able to mix and match Roon Ready devices no mattter what manufacturer they come from, otherwise what’s the point?