Mirror audio from PC?


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Jan 12, 2023
Is there a way to mirror the audio from my PC (Win 10) to my Wiim Pro instead of casting from individual programs? I have already tried Audio Cast but it doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
It depends what your source is, are you talking about audio stored on your PC or a streaming service, I'm assuming you mean on your PC?

I don't often do it but Realplayer works, I'm not sure if that's because I've subscribed or if free users can as well.

I also use Bluestacks sometimes for Amazon Music App.
Stream What You Hear should send a stream to WiiM Ok using the Custom URL thing ("Open Network Stream") in WiiM Home App BUT it if you have audio playing on both PC and WiiM it won't be in sync the WiiM will be some way behind - noticably so. However if you were to mute the PC you could stream to 2 WiiM devices and they should be in Sync.

The git hub version is the original Windows version - https://www.streamwhatyouhear.com/ - re-written in Rust. You may want the Windows version as we are talking PC.

You can also use VLC to generate a playable URL but again sync will be the issue.

There are other ways of perhaps doing this more successfully depending on what audio it is you want to mirror?
From the writeup for SWYH-rs, you shouldn’t need to use the SWYH url route as the WiiM acts as a upnp renderer fed by SWYH-rs.
Didn't know that SWYH acted as a upnp renderer - don't really have much use for upnp for audio - but that means it has 2 potential mechanisms to work with WiiM. upnp and by providing a URL.

Incidentally there are 2 URL types available in SWYH - mp3 and higher quality pcm / wav but the latter needs explicitly setting up in SWYH and might not be obvious.