newbie alert - Do you need an amp to use mini?


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Nov 15, 2022
Vancouver BC
Do you need an amp to use mini or will it work via my iPhone to my Devialet Phantoms?


AFAIK: it is active speaker and supports blueooth and wifi connectivity. So You dont need wiim at all. If You want to use it anyway You dont need amp becasue devialet is active. The case is which type of devialet speaker You have and what kind of inputs it has.
Thanks very much Michal. My understanding is AIrPlay tops out and some devices (or products like Roon) can provide better sound by delivering true Hi-Res stream to your speakers.
But again - I'm a newbie at this.
I dont know exact functions od devialet but yes, probably wiim has more. You probably will be able to plug it into optical in (if You have one). Then You will be able to use all the eiim's functionality but still devialet build-in DAC. Unfortunately wiim doesnt support hires apple music (AFAIK) but amazon music now and tidal mqa in a days.