Optical in and volume control


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Nov 26, 2023

I have ordered a Wiim Pro Plus for 2 reasons. One I would like confirmed that it is working.

Tv outputs over optical to Optical in on WiiM.
Line output WiiM connects to Audio Engine A5. (Remote is unfortunately lost)

Now I would like to put the A5's to a comfortable loud volume and leave it there.
Can I use the WiiM remote to control the volume when TV input/optical is active?

So basically I want to have control of the TV volume on the A5's without having to get up, also without any apps just the remote.
Ah, it seems this topic answers my question.

Many topics seemed alike, just none answered my case exactly ;) as this persons seems to want to use an app.

Such a flexible device, looking forward to installing it.
The WIIM pro plus comes with a remote control, so you can control the volume of the output with that. The topic you found is about the WIIM Pro not plus, that doesn't have a volume control included (but it will work with the wiim remote control, you can buy it separately).