Pro digital outputs

Mr Ee

Major Contributor
Nov 11, 2022
Sydney, Oz
Hi all,

I'm positive it's been mentioned / confirmed here somewhere that the pro's optical and coax outputs are not active at the same time.
Does anyone know why?
Is there any chance of this being reviewed / addressed?

I'd like to be able to connect one output to a dac and headphone amp setup, and the other output to an integrated amp, with dac, and speaker setup.
Not to have them both running at the same time, just to make it easy for others in the house to simply turn on the amp and spotify connect to the pro without having to open the wiim app to switch outputs.

My other first world solution to this first world problem would be to buy two wiims...
Of course, another device could be better if you don't care about having the same signal on both devices.