Sound cuts off every few seconds on aux in/ optical out


Dec 6, 2022
I have my WiiM connected to my DAC via optical.
Music on airplay is working fine.

I have line out of my TT connected to the aux-in of WiiM.

On this input, music cuts off every 1-2 seconds and skips for 1 second or so. The DAC’s input signal light also blinks when music turns off.

What could be wrong here and how to fix?

Music from Apple Music on phone over Wi-Fi airplay works perfectly.
Output is set to SPDIF.

Resolution is 44.1/16
To double check, I plugged the aux out of wiim to amp directly, changed output to aux out and now input from aux in is playing flawless.

The challenge is when I am using optical out, the audio comes and goes. My Dax’s signal light too blinks when signal comes back.

I think some challenge in wiim when converting analog to digital and sending via optical out.
Is your optical cable plugged in properly / fully / securely at both ends?
Although... you did say Apple Music works via optical ok....
What about TT direct to amp? Isn't a TT output normally very low strength, hence specific mm or mc TT inputs on amps?
Do you have another 3.5mm source you can use to test, such as a real phone with a real headphone output ;)
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I can try with my laptop. Thanks for the suggestion 👍
iPhone doesn’t have a headphone out.
TT has built in phono preamp so sends signal at line level. Otherwise I wouldn’t be hearing anything at all.
Yes the airplay music works flawless.
I connected the headphone out of the laptop to WiiM aux input.
Exactly the same problem. Music plays for like 2 seconds and then it goes off.
I triple checked by inserting headphones to laptop directly and music plays fine.

The frequency of sound cutting off and coming back is pretty consistent. Isn’t a loose optical cable case.
Something got fixed. Not sure if there was a new firmware that got applied last night.
Also added a Schiit sys as preamp, and trying out Modi+ dac. The input from TT is playing flawless now. And changed the resolution as well as Modi+ doesn’t seem to do 192khz on optical.

Will do more tests to figure out what changed