The feature converting DSD to 24bit/176.4khz PCM will be in the roadmap of WiiM Pro?


Dec 21, 2022
Since Synology NAS's DS Audio Service can stream the DSD file to DLNA Render. I think the WiiM Pro can introduce a new feature, receive DSD stream from DLNA, then convert it to 176.4khz PCM then output through coax or optical.

Because WiiM Pro has a 4 core A53 chip, then I think it's hardware capability can do this convert. So this feature can be in roadmap of WiiM Pro? :)
I also notice that SMB file share in the road map, so read dsd file from SMB then convert to PCM output will be attractive. :)
Or just DSD passthrough, I will be happy. So my very capable external DAC can handle the rest of the DSD pipeline.
Does anyone know if issue with DSD support might be due to licensing with SONY and possibly the associated cost?