Two OUTS don't make an IN, right?


Nov 16, 2022
I just received my Pro Mini.

I have question about hooking it up.

How do I hook up my CD player that has a Digital RCA OUT?

That is, the back of my CD player has a RCA Digital OUT and the back of the Wiim Mini Pro has a Digital OUT.

Two OUTS don't make an IN, right?

Please explain as I am confused.

Do you mean your CD player has a coax out? The WiiM Pro doesn’t have a coax in, just an output. You’ll need your CD player either to have a spdif optical out or a line out analog pair to feed the Pro.
Now I'm really confused.

Here's the back of my CD player:
cd digit out.JPG

Here's the back of of the Wiim:
coax out wiim.JPG

These are TWO OUTS.

Two OUts don't make an IN.
then how do I connect my CD as a transport if I don't want to use the DAC inside the CD Player?
If your current DAC doesn't have a digital coax input (e.g., only Toslink and USB), then you either need a digital switcher that can handle both optical and coax, and enable input into your DAC over Toslink. Something like this:

...or get a new DAC that includes coax as well as other digital inputs. Even the inexpensive-but-excellent Schiit Modi takes coax, Toslink, and USB digital input. And it costs less than the gizmo above.

EDIT: Or you could get a new CD transport with an output that your DAC can take, if you're in love with the latter.
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Here's a proposed setup map - does this work? - Do you have any recommendations?

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That should work, but I don't see anything in Geshelli's documentation about how much output those RCA and XLR connections support. Would suggest you contact Geshelli and ask whether the J2 can serve adequately as a preamp for your Decware amp. But in terms of connectivity at least, you're good.
Yes, now you thinking along the lines of what I was going for. More flexibility with no compromise on sound quality. I am need of finding a high-quality CD / DVD Player that has DIGITAL in of some sort so that I can use the DAC as a transport.
Yes, now you thinking along the lines of what I was going for. More flexibility with no compromise on sound quality. I am need of finding a high-quality CD / DVD Player that has DIGITAL in of some sort so that I can use the DAC as a transport.
If you're willing to wait a couple of months or so, Schiit will be releasing the Urd transport, which is likely to be an endgame device of its type and has digital input (CD only, not DVD). I'm not sure what you mean by "use the DAC as a transport," though. The DAC would be downstream of any digital source devices like the WiiM, disc player, computer, etc.
Yes, you are correct.

So, the advantage of design is that delivers the digital signal further on down the signal path at the DAC level?

Yes, interesting, but we are talking about digital signals here not analog. Not sure of the impact as a salient feature to buy on solely.

I'm partial to Geshelli Labs and their J2 DAC.
I've never listened to a system that included a Geshelli J2, but by all accounts it's an excellent product priced attractively. So long as it provides sufficient signal to your Decware amp, should be all good. Looks like the Decware wants at least 2v. The cursory search I did for the J2 didn't come up with its output voltage, so I suggest you contact Geshelli directly.
the Desware unit I'm ordering will be the model SE84UFO.

Weight 17 lbs. ea.

Dimensions 8.0" H x 8" W x 16.0" D

Circuit type Single-ended Class A Triode

Power output 2.3 watts RMS x 2 or 6 watts RMS x 1

Input voltage 1.5 volts for full output

Noise / Hum -79 dBU / -58 dBU@120HZ

Flat Response 10 Hz ~ 80 kHz

Feedback ZERO

Rectification 5U4G / tube rectification

Output tubes SV83/6P15P-EV or EL84/6BQ5

Signal tube 6N1P or 6922 or 6Dj8

Transformers Decware UFO wide bandwidth

Biasing Self-Biasing / Cathode Biased

Resistors precision WW/MF by DALE, VISHAY

Signal Cap Exotic Film and Foils

AC cord Removable power cord

Consumption 65 watts

Input jacks RCA type Gold / Teflon

Output jacks 5-way binding posts accept 12 gauge

Speaker dB/1w 89 dB minimum / 94 dB or higher is ideal

Warranty Lifetime to original owner

This amplifier has been designed in such a way that you may use it with or without a pre-amp. To that effect it has been equipped with both a volume control and a simple source selector to allow you to switch between two line level source components, such as a CD Player/DAC and anything else. If using a preamp, connect the output of the preamp to one of the two sources on the amplifier and set the amplifier’s volume control somewhere between 1/2 way up and full. Use the volume control on your preamp to adjust listening volumes. This amplifier requires 2 volts to come to full power. 2 Volts is the average output signal level found in line level devices such as CD players and DACs. This means that you will have to turn the volume control nearly all the way up to make the amplifier clip (run out of power) which keeps the clipping “kind” and harmless to not only the amplifier but also the tubes and the speakers.