Where can I find a current roadmap?


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Oct 31, 2022
I can't find a current roadmap on the Wiim website.

If I click Support [new] in the top bar and Roadmap in the dropdown, I get this...

... which says it's Mini only, and is clearly out of date ("Updates to be released by 12 / 19 / 2022" and so on).

If I click on Help/Support at the bottom of the web page, and then Release Notes, which offers separate routes to lists for Mini and for Pro, these seem to be up to date, but by their nature do not show upcoming stuff.

Am I missing something obvious?
Two roadmaps are available:

Thanks onlyoneme.

The Mini map looks the same as the one I linked to, on Wiim's own site (in other words well out of date).

The Pro one I hadn't seen in this form and, as I said, does not appear to be on Wiim's own site. Interesting that it now has the list of upcomings headed "Features we're thinking about in future updates", whichI think is a change of emphasis from when I last saw it.

I do hope Wiim are doing more than "thinking about" the LMS/Squeezelite integration, as that in my opinion is of the utmost importance.

Also, it does seem odd to me that these two roadmaps are on an outside site (freshdesk) that I, for one, had no idea existed.