Why is it so difficult to create an app widget?


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Oct 1, 2023
Hi there,
It's possible to have a widget for music track as others apps.
If we don't open your app in not possible turn off the music.
So if we are on browser or Facebook or other we must return and re-open Wiim to turn off the music.
This makes using Wiim very frustrating. Since it is an app that we use with the smartphone, it is very common that while we listen to music we open other apps and continually have to reopen Wiim to change music. It would be enough to have a widget in the foreground like all the other apps.
I guess it would need a playing widget for each WiiM device that appears in the WiiM app as arguably all could be playing - is that functionality something your smartphone o/s could support?
These are Qobuz and USB Audio Player Pro.
One like these...


  • Screenshot_20231001_113441_USB Audio Player PRO.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231001_113406_Qobuz.jpg
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Yeah, I understood what you meant, but are there apps that support multiple players like the WiiM app does? Do they simultaneously show that widget for each player that shows in their app?
Ok, I finally solved it myself. There is no progress bar for the song being played but by assigning the side button of the smartphone, with a double click, to open WiiM, it opens the application...