WiiM mini client with KODI / libreelec server

Sep 13, 2023
Hello to the WiiM Forum.

Since yesterday I have a WiiM Mini on my network.
The UPNP/DLNA server is Kodi/libreelec on an Intel NUC i3.
Commissioning the Mini worked perfectly, and the DLNA server was found immediately by the WiiM Home app.

The problem is that it only shows me 200 artists, but I have almost 1000 artists in my collection.
Unfortunately I can't get further than the letter B.

If I take the detour via the video library and display all folders, I can select and play all artists, albums, tracks.
However, I can't see any artwork displayed this way.

Other DLNA clients like VLC and similar do not have this problem.

Anyone an idea what it could be?


That's addressed it for MinimServer too.
I'll test KODI later if no-one gets there first as that looked like it was possibly a different issue (it showed only the first ~200 items whereas MinimServer showed the last paged results).
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The update fixes the KODI problem too.

I've raised a ticket about the track artist display problem as I think that will also affect the WiiM Amp, so hopefully that will get addressed in time.