WiiM Mini + Quobuz Login issues


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Jan 10, 2023
WiiM Mini + Quobuz Login issues

I got a WiiM Mini a few weeks ago, setup was easy and everything worked great. I'm using the WiiM Home app and Qobuz as the streaming service.

A few days ago I couldn't get any songs to play in the app. I'd hit the play button, and nothing would happen. I tried again the next day and it said I wasn't logged into Qobuz. So, I tried to login, and after logging in it just shows a white page and a blue "Back" button.

I deleted the app, reinstalled it, logged into Qobuz, and had the same result.

I can use the Qobuz app and stream to the Mini via airplay and it works fine. So the Mini is working like it should, I just can't get the stupid app to do anything.

Anyone else have this issue or any suggestions? I've searched online and can't find anything related.
Two things actually, you post what your issue so the reader on this forum would know about the bug and most importantly like what brantome said submit ticket to wiim so they check the log for fixed.
Thanks guys - turns out I'm just a moron. I paused the Wiim device on my google mesh router and completely forgot about it. I noticed that yesterday, unpaused it, and it's working fine.

Apparently, blocking the device from getting to the internet ends up causing problems... :)