WiiM Pro Volume Control with Amazon Music (Too Loud)


New member
Feb 12, 2023
Hello, I am using my WiiM Pro in my vehicle through my TwK88 DSP. I am using my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and it's hotspot to control the WiiM Pro in the back of my truck. My issue is when using the volume control on my phone through Amazon Music app, one button push on the volume up on my phone is a massive difference. Difference betwen too low and blowing my subs. I have tried volume control on the WiiM unit itself and it is perfect. Is there something that can fix this? Is there a setting I am not doing correctly within the WiiM software?

Another note is I am sending this unit back for the WiiM Mini as my setup is changing a bit. I assume that unit will have the same issue.
Have you tried adjusting the 'Aux out Level' downwards in the wiim home app. It's in the audio settings bit of the app
Lowering the aux out level should help, but I've noticed a large(ish) jumping issue with a few different sources / devices, so I don't think it's a wiim issue as such.
I put 'ish' as it's not so large as to go from too quiet to deafening! In terms of my amplifier display, jumps of 5 or so, which can be substantial enough.