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Nov 22, 2022
I purchased a WiMM Streaming puck device probably over a year ago and I was wondering if it was as good as the current model selling on Amazon today? I have a outboard DAC and I have heard that it is compatible. I have not ever used it this way but it is installed in a system that is not easily accessible. I am just wondering if it would be better to buy a new one or just use the older one.
I have 2 units now and I just got the new one today and I am still not getting any more than 48k resolution. Why? I am use Qobuz studio subscription and the recording is labeled 24/192. In the settings section setup of spidif it will not play any more than 48k. I have tried to reset apps and the problem has still not resolved. Please advise!
To confirm, you're in the 'Device / Audio settings / SPDIF streaming quality' menu, and when you choose 48khz and press 'Play test audio' you get sound out of your speakers, but when you choose any higher sample rate you don't hear the test audio?
Great to hear it's working now. Thanks for being early buyer of WiiM Mini!