Adjusting the volume when the app screen is off


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Feb 1, 2023
When listening on Android through the Spotify App with the screen locked, I can still control the Wiim's volume, whereas when listening through the Wiim with the screen locked, I can't control the volume until I unlock the screen.
Strange and bugs to be fixed.
Did you get a solution? I have got the Problem with Deezer. The player is also not shown on the lock screen? Is this normal?

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The WiiM app doesn't have lock screen controls (yet) - maybe because it can control several devices at the one time??
This is a significant shortcoming in my opinion. I'm also Android and all my music streaming apps, mainly Amazon Music, allow for volume control either via the phone physical controls or using a media control Bluetooth app paired to the phone from my watch.
At the very least if the WiiM Home app is in the foreground and the screen goes off, it should recognize and support the phones volume controls.
Thanks for the reply. So, there is no problem here with my Hardware, it is a Software issue.

Thank you