Amazon HD issue


Jun 15, 2023
Hi there,

Just setup Amazon Music HD but when I select My Music and then Artists, it only shows the odd album?

Any ideas?

Additional: After learning where to start casting from the Amazon Music I tried it this morning. There appeared items in the menu which since months are not longer here. Even my router did not know them. F.e. a Sonos Port and an Echo Dot, long gone. Then I checked in Alexa....such a chaos I never had before. A mix from my smart lighting (Hue from Philips), each one appeared multiple times. I never installed the HUE skill in Alexa! The lighting is only controlled by phone or tablet. Decision was immediately deleting the AMHD app on phone and tablet and out in WHA, because I am not keen for an hours long workaround to sort that out. One streaming service is enough.
Once I learned that Amazon restricted the user's library to 100 tracks. I first understood 100 albums, but indeed it meant tracks. May be something related?
It’s worth to mention that once you reach to the 100th track, another 100 tracks load if you swipe up and re-load. One can load as many as your patience allows, but maybe this is a work around for WiiM and somehow alter their script logic and can do an automatic re-load?
As @Jevouz says.
You arrive at the end of the page, you swipe up and hold a bit then release and another page will load. I have almost 900 albums in my library and I can see all of them ;)