Amazon Music: Refresh the current playlist on new song


New member
Jan 6, 2023
Playback queue support is absolutely horrible with only play next as an option. As someone who actively look for more songs to play while listening, it's pretty disappointing. I understand Amazon music is pretty limited and even more so when playing through alexacast, so Wiim isn't really to blame here. One workaround I've been using is to find more songs on the Amazon music app and then add them to the playing playlist. Wiim app doesn't automatically reload the playlist during playback, but if I restart the playlist or tap a song in the playlist, the playlist gets reloaded with the new songs that I added in the Amazon music app. If the Wiim app could automatically reload the playlist (add an option in settings?) on next song, it would be very convenient. Though, an "add to queue" option would be even better.