Amazon unlimited casting


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Dec 23, 2022
Whilst spotify will, amazon won't recognise my mini. Is it meant to?
Yes logged in

Trying to think of other things, do you have Amazon Alexa on the device you're trying to cast from ... it's been a long time since I set mine up so hard to remember but I think it was fairly quick / easy.

Are both the WiiM and the device on the same network as well rather than using mobile data on a phone say?
What are you trying to cast from as well, is it a phone or tablet or from a computer .... if on a PC no you can't but as you say you can with Spotify.
I'm trying to cast from android ulefone note 9p, I've never even looked at alexa not a clue about that save to say I would rather tap the screen than talk instructions, would it hear with music playing anyway?
All on 5ghz. Clicking on set up my device does nothing to help.
You need to 'register' the wiim with amazon, in the wiim home app. Browse menu, music services, amazon alexa.
Then, still in wiim app, go to the Device menu, click the cog (settings), then toggle on hd/uhd within the amazon alexa settings menu.
I've just tried this Mr Ee when I got there it was already on so I toggled it off and on again and I'm getting the same result 😩
OK searching around I eventually got it to recognise wiim but when I try to play something I get this


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Just to be sure, in the Browse menu, logging on to Amazon Music in the Music services section is not the same as logging in to Amazon Alexa in the same section.
From your latest post maybe you found that, in which case I can't explain the error you're getting!
Bingo 😀 it seems I needed location and Bluetooth enabled on my phone to set things up.
Amazon casting now I prefer to use their app (Spotify isn't this fussy mind)