Automatically connecting to Bluetooth


New member
Jan 11, 2023
I have Bluetooth set up for all three of my WiiM minis: office, living room, and basement. For some reason, my phone will automatically connect via Bluetooth to the office and living room -- usually overnight, and, this time, at 6 AM while I was watching YouTube on my phone. With my phone (Galaxy S20+), the auto-connect happens when I power on something like Bluetooth headphones, which I want to happen, but is there any way for this not to happen with the WiiMs? Could this be happening when the WiiMs restart after updating?
One of my WiiM Minis has been Bluetooth paired with my Galaxy S9. I also have had this Mini connect on it's own, even when I have set the input to wifi. I have not been able to determine exactly what causes this to happen.