Aux In distortion


New member
Nov 11, 2022
I have a CD player connected from RCA output to the WiiM Aux In and everything is distorted. I connected headphones to CD player and no issue there. I connected headphones to WiiM aux out and adjusted all the voltage values in the app but all were distorted. I also did a factory reset on WiiM but still getting distorted output on both headphones and Bluetooth output. Any other ideas how to fix it?
I am also getting a static or noise sound when I use the AUX in (from my TV) It seems to go through cycles of being audible and then not. I logged a ticket about a week ago but haven't had a response.
Has anyone had any luck in addressing this with a firmware update, etc? In my situation I’m trying to use the aux in on the WiiM from the tape out of my preamp to send say the output of my turntable to a WiiM in another room. I’m getting a low frequency feedback that varies in intensity
All I know is my WIIM to DAC via coax to Klipsch the sixes via rca to aux is not sounding too great. Been very disappointed so far