Can I stream from the mini to AirPlay 2 devices?


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Jan 15, 2023
Is it possible to sync what’s playing on my Wiim mini with an AirPlay 2 device just like I can sync another Wiim mini in the Wiim app? Let’s assume the following scenario… I have 2 Wiim minis on my network named miniA and MiniB, an Airplay speaker named AP1, and an AirPort express router (with the last firmware that gave the ability to be an AirPlay 2 device) named AP2. Each of these 4 devices is in a different room. For example, miniA is in the living room with it’s analog output connected to my stereo receiver, miniB is in my office connected to a headphone amp, AP1 is in my bedroom, and AP2 is in the garage connected to an old boombox. If I’m streaming something from Amazon music on miniA I can easily link it with miniB so if I go into the office I can hear the same music playing in there as in the living room. If I also want to play the same Amazon music stream on AP1 and/or AP2 is there a way to sync them in the Wiim app just like I did the miniB?

When I got the Wiim i liked it and got another so I could do multiroom. Then I read that it worked with Airplay 2 and I had an older airport Express I wasn’t using so I set it up to work as an Airplay 2 device thinking that I could add another room to sync with the mini so i didn‘t have to buy a 3rd Wiim mini. But I cant figure out how to do that. The manual just shows how you can set up the mini in Apple Home then you can stream from an apple device to both the Wiim and an airplay device at the same time, but that is not the same as what i thought it could do. What if I don’t have any other apple devices and I had an airplay 2 wireless speaker, could it be set up to sync within other Wiim minis through the Wiim app? It sounded like that is possible when I read what the device can do, but I can’t figure out how to set it up that way and the docs don’t help. Help!
If I understand your question correctly, the answer is unfortunately ‘no’. The WiiM(s) can be part of an AirPlay 2 group, or they can be a multiroom group unto themselves for the various streaming sources within the WiiM app. But you cannot mix the two, and more to your question, they cannot act as a source for AirPlay media. They only behave as a receiver for AirPlay from a separate source device.