Cover Art Size


Nov 5, 2022
I have been using Cover Art size of 500 pixels x 500 pixels. I use the same cover art size in MoodeAudio which works great. For the WiiM, the cover art does not always display when I list the music on my NAS under ALBUM. About 980 albums display cover art and about 20-30 do not display the cover art. If I do select one of the non-display cover art albums, when I select the 1st song playing at the bottom, the cover art displays.

Using MP3tag I cannot see any difference in the albums that display cover art in the ALBUM listing versus the ones that do not. Anybody else have this problem? If you solved it, what did you do?


I believe at this point it's best to treat the WiiM as a UPnP renderer and use another client such as BubbleUPnP or Hi-Fi cast to browse your media and play to the WiiM.
When I'm using the WiiM Home App to browse my media server I only see album art once I've selected an album, have you really gone through every one of your albums to see which ones show? The only reason I ask is because all servers behave differently, so without telling us what server you're using there's very little advice anyone can offer.