Decreased volume using Squeezelite vs UPnP on LMS


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Mar 8, 2023
Lacomb Oregon
I've posted about my current issue in the Squeezelite and LMS thread but wanted to pull it out as that thread is quickly growing.

The basic issue is that the volume output from my system is dramatically lower when I use the Squeezelite instance vs the UPnP/DLNA instance with my LMS server. For example, to match the volume I get at about 1/3rd of max on my integrated amp with UPnP/DLNA, I have to crank it close to 1/2 full scale when using Squeezelite.

I have volume locked to 100% for both, and verified that the volume gain for both is "none". Line out level is 2Vrms, fade in/fade out effects are enabled in the WHA.

This occurs with streamed music (Radio Paradise) and my local flac/dfs storage.

My system is:

LMS Server on Windows 10 PC > Wiim Pro optical out> Denefrips AresII DAC analog out > Yamaha A-S501 integrated amp.

I've disabled the UPnP/DLNA plugin for now, but would love to understand how (if) this can be resolved to get back some head room.
I had this when I first got the firmware update. I unlocked the LMS side volume, saw it was set at about 5%, cranked it up to 100%, and locked it again. Problem solved.
Set the WiiM volume in LMS for desired level or set it to fixed 100% in LMS player settings. Squeezelite client seems to be able to bypass volume settings defined in the WHA with current FW.
Having the same issue, set volume control to variable, set to 100%, switched back to fixed at 100%, and same issue. Any other suggestions?

In the WiiM Home Audio app I have the device > audio >Fixed volume output enabled. Then did what you described in the LMS Material Skin app. Also, I disabled the UPnP bridge just to make it easier to focus on the squeezelite version that also is found in LMS MS.
I had the same issue today. I noticed that the same tracks on Qobuz playing through the WiiM app were louder than playing through LMS's Qobuz app, even though I had the fixed volume setting activated in LMS. I set the volume control to variable in LMS (at 100%) and no longer heard a difference. Perhaps it was a glitch in LMS?