DLNA connection loss


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Aug 22, 2023
Hi all,
I have a problem when I use Wiim Pro with DLNA.
If I browse my music through "Home Music Share" and select a folder to play, it works. But after a short time when I browse to another folder and want to play another music, Wiim skips all tracks. The only way to play music again is to start from the beginning: Home Music Share/Synology/Music/etc...

Also, Favorite is useless for DLNA music. Wiim skips all the tracks I saved to my Favorite list.

Is it only me or Wiim is that bad for using DLNA?
In terms of stability, WiiM used as a DLNA renderer has been faultless for me, but it can be affected by your network and choice of server/controller.
I'd first look to see if you have an IGMP Snooping setting on your router/switches, and if so make sure they're disabled (at least whilst diagnosing the problem).
If that doesn't resolve it then I'd try another server, something like MinimServer with the WHA, and if that doesn't work then with a control point like BubbleUPnP (although this shouldn't be needed).

If after all that you still have problems then I'd submit a ticket through the feedback section in the WiiM app so that WiiM can inspect your logs.
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BubbleUPnP control point directing Qobuz over DLNA to WiiM Pro works fine for me too. I did need to fiddle with battery optimisation (as recommended by the app) to ensure play advanced correctly between tracks.
OpenWrt DLNA server works too for the local music library, whether via BubbleUPnP or WHA.