Equal Loudness Compensation Automatic Adjustment - EQ


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Mar 14, 2023
Hello @WiiM Team

It would be great to incorporate an automatic Loudness Compensation based on the equal loudness curves : https://www.semanticscholar.org/pap...Wang/6a3e255697686f9fbeb789fda4aa9c58595b9286

That would be really groundbreaking if it is incorporated to be adjusted automatically per listening position and per volume level.

The simple idea is that our ears don't have the same sensitivity for bass compared to midrange and highs, so for instance if we listen to 60dba the bass level should be 80dba to sense the same loudness as the 60db(A) at 1khz content.

The goal is to have even and full tonal balance per volume level and per listening position while taking into consideration the constraints of room correction.

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FM correction is only approximate in practice. Note that if you are listening midtones say at 40dB, the full FM correction would be a whopping +60dB gain in the very lows.
Less steep curves - filters that are instead a 10db boost for lows instead of 20 . The boost should be dependent on the ability of the speaker and the existence of subwoofer . This is a dynamic loudness and I mostly refer to low volume listening levels at late night
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Would love a dynamic EQ like what Audyssey has. Even Google Nest Audio speakers have dynamic EQ (4th graph down). https://thenextweb.com/news/review-...-good-speaker-and-i-have-the-data-to-prove-it

I have all 4 bands of parametric EQ in use based on REW creating a house curve that is flat but slightly higher in bass and rolls off in treble. It would be a pain to try to set different PEQs and load them manually every time for a different volume.