For those with no smart phone?

Nov 14, 2022
I do not own a smart phone. Is there a way to control the Wiim Pro via Bluetooth or WiFi using an app or browser app? I prefer Chromebooks but obviously PCs should be considered too.
The WiiM Android app works on many Chromebooks. There are also WiiM apps for Windoze and Mac.
The WiiM Android app works on many Chromebooks. There are also WiiM apps for Windoze and Mac.
I tried three Chromebooks, the latest being an Acer CB3-431, and all three got an "Hardware is not compatible" or somesuch error message. I'd be willing to try it again, where are the best instructions on how to get the app up and running on a Chromebook?
Have you tried Android emulation? I was able to download the WiiM Home app with BlueStacks 5 but couldn't get it to launch. Someone on a BlueStacks forum/subreddit may be able to help get it running.
I’m using my Mini solely in conjunction with LMS. As a result I only needed the app to do the original setup. Everything is now controlled via browser.
Thanks for the help. I ordered the Mini on Black Friday. When it arrived I set it up with my wife's smartphone and streamed from Amz Music Unlimited. I then tried connecting Bluetooth devices, some devices connected but some other known good devices would not connect. The Mini would not reconnect to Unlimited again despite resets and resetups. At that point I gave up and returned the Mini.
I'm now using an Echo Link (also purchased on Black Friday), it too needs a smartphone for initial setup, a Fire tablet running the latest Alexa SW would not connect and complete setup. Once setup however control via the Fire tablet and general operation has been flawless. All my Bluetooth devices connect.
The Wiim app on windows pc is useless, i would buy an ultra cheap smart phone second hand, don’t buy a call contract and just use it as a controller.
I have tried the windows version but it requires a wifi connection on the same wifi network as the Wiim. My pc is only connected to the wired network. Though the same network as the Wiim. No luck though.
Next i tried to run the Android version inside an emulator 'BlueStacks'. Same problem. The setup wants to use Bluetooth to link to the device. There is no bluetooth.
I havent tried NOX player but i guess ill run into the same issue.

With both the windows app and the android version: could you please add an option to just enter the devices IP number for instance?

I have ordered the Wiim Pro and will see if pairing the devices will make both visible to apps on the wired network.
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Not really my mother doesn't have one. Alot of people that are older didn't even have mobile phone growing up and still look at a phones use is to just make calls.