Google nest play


Feb 24, 2023
Hello everybody,

I recently purchased a Wiim Pro and really like it. I normally play audio with the line out to an amplifier and it works flawlessly. I've got a small google nest mini in the storage and I tried to hook it up but didn't succeed. Is there a easy way to play audio to both devices? At the same time line out and trough the air to the nest mini?

Thank you very much.

The Wiim Pro certainly is advertised as being capable of being grouped with Google Nest speakers (see table on ) . Have you gone thru the Chromecast setup in the Wiim app so that your Pro appears as a device in the Google Home app? I’m not a Google user, but I’d imagine that would then allow it to appear as a device where you would normally group together Google Nest speakers. Once that was done, again I’d guess you would need to use the nest mini or your phone via “hey Google, play music on speaker-group” (or something like that) to play music on the group containing both devices.

Edit: this link seems to address some of the points I guessed at above
Thanks for your reply. I can see the Wiim Pro in my google home app and also see the nest mini. But simultaneously playing seems difficult.