Hi Res Lossless Apple Music - how


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Feb 4, 2023
Hi, wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how best to achieve this, as airplay 2 is limited to 16/44.1. I have been experimenting with:

24 inch iMac > lossless switcher > usb c out to iBasso dc05 > 3.5mm out to WiiM Mini Aux In > WiiM Mini Toslink Out > Chord Qutest > RCA out to Naim Superuniti.

This seems like an insanely complicated way to get hi res from Apple Music. Surely there is an easier way?
Is there a reason why you are using Apple as opposed to Qobuz (my fave), Amazon or Tidal?
(i use Apple and Qobuz)
"I switched from Qobuz/Audirvana to Apple Music due to white noise/static issues, which Audirvana tech support blamed on my 2022 iMac. My Chord Qutest sounds better via optical than USB, hence the WiiM mini for Optical out.
So now you have a mini, I think it's being suggesteted that you stream something other than apple directly from that.
But back to the original question, if you're finding that doing an additional adc followed by a dac via the mini still sounds better than direct usb into the qutest, well... whatever works I suppose.