integration and widget(s) for Android.


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Jan 12, 2023
Someone mentioned Android media controll under notification bar, great. But you could possibly go bit further and allow users to use a widget showing what a given unit ( a single wiim mini for example) is playing. Chain of wiims - more widgets, each for a separate device. This widget could be basically no different than what is displayed when we click "Device" in the app.

For the second idea i know most of the services allow sending data to, but... Take Tidal - you have to have android app open if you want scrobbling, so when you switch off your phone and PC then everything played after is not scrobbled. Also Qobuz scrobbles but there you need to be careful as each piece of a track you listen for a second or two, gets scrobbled with thus faking ones lastm listening history.
Last but not least some radio station provide data that can be scrobbled. Maybe there a way to implement a third party scrobbled like Pano Scrobbler - I'm using it for years and it's flawless.

Anyway, thank you for the wonderful product.