LMS/Squeezelite Support Pro Plus


Dec 12, 2023
Could anybody please just confirm that the Pro Plus IS indeed supported for Squeezelite use?

I ask because I have bought one and even though it's on the latest/correct firmware version ( 4.8.539349 (Latest) - as of 21st December 2023 ) as per ( https://faq.wiimhome.com/support/solutions/articles/72000587188-wiim-pro-release-notes ), it doesn't show up in my LMS.

Every other Squeezelite implementation I've ever used works seamlessly (and I'm using the WiiM PP wired, on the same subnet as the other Squeezelites/physical Squeezeboxes and LMS server (running on a Linux PC server, not using the router as the network switch, am using a proper "Pro-sumer" 24 port switch for the LAN, can ping the WIIM from the server....))). I've even tried the same actual network cable taken out of a working physical Squeezebox, just to prove it's the same network and it still doesn't work... (shame also that there seems to be zero config/status options in the GUI/WiiM Home App... :( )

Have raised a support ticket with WiiM, waiting to hear back, but thought it worth asking here, as I can't see the Pro Plus has definitively been released/working with Squeezelite in these forums? (or anywhere else? (the release notes page DOS only state for the Pro (I know they are from a software perspective, supposed to be identicle...but...))).

Thoughts anyone?


Matt :)
Have you tried enabling wifi on the Pro Plus and not using it wired to see if that’s an issue? My Pro is wired but my Pro Plus and Amp are wireless and they all appeared in my LMS list as soon as I turned them on.

Can you maybe try using UPNPBridge for the Plus to see if it’s an issue with its Squeezelite client rather than network related?
Minor. Post the most recent firmware update my Pro disappeared from LMS. I rebooted the device and it didn't re-appear but eventually for no reason I can detect it did re-appear. Perhaps a change in the polling interval. The player does the discovery in LMS.
Haven’t noticed that on mine - but then again, my LMS server is being rebooted daily with all these minor revisions to v3 of UPNPBridge so don’t know if that’s been helping
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Could anybody please just confirm that the Pro Plus IS indeed supported for Squeezelite use?
Confirmed, I have been using my Pro Plus as a Squeezelite renderer since WiiM added that feature via firmware update. My LMS instance is pCP running on a Raspberry Pi 4B, no issues with device discovery.
Thanks for the response chaps! :)

I've now solved my issue. I raised it with WiiM and they told me to upgrade my LMS from 7.8 to the latest (8.3.1). I don't know if they KNEW I was running 7.8 (I didn't tell them), guessed, or happen to know that their implementation of Squeezelite doesn't work with 7.8 even though the arm and x86/64 version does....

I'd been putting off that upgrade due to the server LMS is running on needing an upgrade itself first, and that had some other tricky dependencies to deal with. I bit the bullet today and got it all done, and now have a working SL on my PP.

Thanks :)