Network connection

Hi everyone.
For convenience I connected WIIM PRO to my network via WI FI. I have Vodafone Station nearby but for now I've avoided the cable. I didn't set the 5 GHz option and everything works for the best. I think when something works it's better not to touch it.
I read that if I wanted to connect with the cable I would have to restart from factory settings as there is no possibility to simply switch between the two options. Is this true or has a simpler and more correct solution been found?
Thank you.
Easy test - plug in the Ethernet cable. If the app lets you select it or it is selected by default then you are good.
In my WIIM PRO there isn’t the toggle that you show me.


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In my WIIM PRO there isn’t the toggle that you show me.
Looks like you don’t have the Ethernet connection plugged in, in which case it’s just showing the status of its wifi connection which it needs in order to function.
So when I decide to insert the cable I will do this test. I don't do it now because fortunately everything works great.
I'm afraid to make changes that will eventually cause me to lose sleep.😊😊😊
There is/was an bug in the Wiim mobile app which does not properly display the network source. UI issue only.