New Feature - Support the new WiiM Voice Remote


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Oct 28, 2022
WHA update received on Android.


"New Feature - Support the new WiiM Voice Remote"

I supported the remote control, but I can't find the pairing settings in the app. Does the WiiM mini not support remote control?
It probably requires an update to the firmware of the device as well before the option will appear in the app. It doesn’t currently appear for the Pro either.
Just got the update an was wondering why the team has not fixed the UI glitch for WiFi enablement....
Yes. Yesterday the guys of Linkplay have uploaded on my Pro, under my request the latest beta firmware
@Brantome if you want to be whitelisted you must send an email to WiiM support.
You must give them the MAC address of your Pro or they cannot proceed
We know how it works, but do you know that it will block any public FW updates on your WiiM until removed from the beta whitelist?
Yeah, I and several others have been round the block on this having been WiiM users for around a year :)
For good and for bad.
I cannot even touch the toslink cable connected to the Mini if I want no sound interruption.
Hi @Brantome @onlyoneme
Yes, i know that i have to ask from the whitelist to have regular firmware. I already was in beta times ago.
The thing is that I asked for the Beta because in the pro I have a problem with the Standby Mode via COAX from the beginning.
If I listen to an album from beginning to end, when the last track finishes, the SM starts working after the set time (for me 30 sec) and my DAC switches off.
If, on the other hand, I pause a song, for example in the middle of the album, the SM doesn't work and my DAC stays on even after 1 hour, ignoring my setting.
I have exchanged a lot of mails and feedbacks via the tablet with the support in order to solve this problem and I have to say that they have taken it seriously.
They written to me on Sunday to tell me the Beta should have fixed the problem. That's why I asked to be whitelisted.
Did the Beta solved the problem? Yes and no. Now in fact the DAC turns off even if I pause the song halfway through the album, but instead of the pre-set time (30sec) it turns off after 1.30 min.
Not yet the definitive solution, but they got closer and at least now, after 1.30 min the DAC turns off.
I will ask to go back to the official version when I see that they have solved the problem in that too.
Yes, I’ve noticed this issue. My solution for now is a remote control to send a hard Stop vs a Pause (via UPnP), which immediately switches off the signal to my DAC. However, it also messes with the queue, so resuming with Play doesn’t work. Hope it will all be fixed next release. @WiiM Support
I too have the same problem with pause and resume. It's annoying and i hope that @WiiM Support fix this too as soon as possible.
To have the DAC turned off after the set time, I also tried disconnecting the WiiM Pro from Amazon Music Unlimited and closing the application, but nothing to do. Doesn't shut off the DAC.
With the Beta they have almost solved it, but for now the shutdown has a 1 minute delay.
Set to 30 sec, it switches off after 1 min and 30 sec
Set at 1 min it switches off at 2 min and so on
I continue to be in contact with support and hope they fix this bug altogether :unsure: