New Pro Plus firmware v4.8.615251

Looks like a public beta of room correction (I didn’t sign up for it on my Pro Plus) and a public release of 10 band PEQ.

NOTE: Take screenshots of your custom PEQ settings as this update might delete any saved custom settings you have. I had bug reported this during the RC beta but it might not have been fixed - either that or I didn’t have any saved for my Pro Plus… ;)

I should have paid more attention to all those posts about peq...
Still, nothing better than just sliding things and seeing (hearing) what happens...

Screenshot_20240506-191930_WiiM Home.jpg
Is this official or beta ? Maybe rc is beta as MQA is still beta in official firmware releases
It looks like an official public release rather than a restricted beta as I didn’t ask for a beta for my Plus. It identifies itself as a beta though and gives you an option to opt out, so it’s anyone’s guess …
I've never registered for a beta nor used anything than an 'official' google play app version.
So it would appear to be a pucker release to me.

However, I do note that this release has only come to one of my 3 pros, and it's the pro that somehow got a release a while ago that no one else seemed to get, and neither of my other pros got either.
This is the same as the beta firmware (615252) that WiiM amp received on April 28. In other words, I think it's a beta version that came late. 🤔
No 10 band peq here after upgrade of my pro, peq saved equalizers are still present. Waiting for new app