New to Wiim mini I have some basic questions


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Sep 5, 2023
I have bought 3 mini Wiims. I had Play-Fi devices and done with that mess.So I have speakers in my patio and on my shop both near the pool will I notice any lag between the 2 of them? The one thing Play-Fi did will is they were always spot on As far as sinking. I hooked them up a while ago and it seems my living room is off from the patio but the outside speakers seem to be in sink with each other. I am using the Wiim home app but my Son—n-law says I would be better off using Apple Air Play witch I haven’t figured out yet. I am using pandora because I already have a prescription. I think I have Amazon because of my prime account but open to the best sounding provider least lag between devices. I want to add a third set of speakers out side if they will all sink well. Thanks for any help Jeff
Have you tried manually adjusting the synch?
I've had no issues getting 3 of my wiims to be in sync.
As for airplay... well... ;)
. I think I have Amazon because of my prime account
All you have with Prime is Amazon Music Prime which is lossy and rather annoying to use these days as it just plays artist stations or playlists on shuffle mode, not exactly what you select. You’d need to subscribe to Amazon Music Umlimited to be able to choose specific trac&k’s in high quality.

As for Airplay, it depends but it can often dumb down the quality of hi res streams. However, you’d be better off doing as @Mr Ee suggests and link your speakers in the WiiM Home app and using its sync features. As I recall, when you add a device to your Wiim Hime app, you’re given a choice to do a sync test - alternatively, you can choose “sync audio” under your device settings to set It up