OPUS support


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May 1, 2023
Please add OPUS support : it's the de facto standard for audio coding in 2023 and the best quality codec.

Most media servers are using OPUS by default.

Thanks :)
@Smartplug For your knowledge : Opus IS THE most MODERN codec valable in 2024 , and one of the most widely used for high fidelity playback when network bandwidth or storage space matters. You should be careful before insulting people with so dumb arguments : you just ridiculise yourself.
Personally I use FLAC at home, and opus anywhere else, including at home when my Navidrome streaming serveur IS ofline for some reason.
You're free to make requests, but based on the verification here, I don't think Opus is better than AAC.

@Wiimer you are out of topic. This thread IS not focusing on AAC versus OPUS. But for your information Opus IS without any doubt better than AAC at any bitrate : you will find 10x more papers confirming it than the opposite. There's no questionning about this since years. Even AAC HE+.
Looks like nobody is interested ... still. The de facto standard seems to not be the standard for the majority of users.

One codec more the better, as far as I am concerned. But I don't care too much, either.
I‘m confused. My plex server says he is transcoding do 512kbit/s OPUS if I chromecast ALAC files to WiiM Amp via PlexAmp…